About Us

About Us

SS Infinitus is a dream project by the SS Group. Ever since its inception in 2005, SS Group has been consistently delivering quality and high performance and setting the standards in the industry. The Group has diverse business interests, the core being- real estate, import- export and E-Commerce.

Young and innovative at heart, SS Group believes in delighting its customers with its products and services. With honesty and excellence as its guiding values, SS Group aims to become a diverse business conglomerate through a process of continuous improvement and innovation. The group’s vision is to evolve into a trusted name in the industry which is respected and admired by its stakeholders.

‘Possibilities Infinite’ reflects on the group’s endeavour to innovate and evolve so as to enrich the world we live in. SS Infinitus is one such endeavour that is set to change the way people live.



SS Infinitus is a vision that is set to change the way you live. The first township in central India offering 101 amenities, it is strategically located on MR-11, Ring Road, Near Bombay Hospital, Indore. SS Infinitus is not just a township; it is in fact an inspiration to live life to the fullest.



Spread across 88 acres, SS Infinitus is carefully planned to address all your needs. It offers you, the simplest to the most luxurious of amenities. There is something for everyone and every amenity takes urban living to the next level. There are no compromises, no wish remains unanswered and no aspiration remains unaddressed. Soaked in amenities, every acre of the township pampers you with choices. The world is now your oyster. Live freely, express and explore the infinite possibilities of life.



SS Infinitus offers a range of Plots, Two Way Homes, Row House Bungalows, Super Luxury Independent Floors, Low-rise Luxury Apartments, Mid-rise and High-rise Apartments in the residential space. Professional chambers, shopping mall, hotel and super market dot its commercial landscape. Harmonizing design and aesthetics, the township is planned as per international standards and superior quality norms. The lush green spaces with waterfalls and 28 theme based gardens will soak you in serenity. Experience the 101 Life in the heart of the city, yet away from its hectic pace. SS Infinitus is your oasis of peace in the city.

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